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Fitness Feature: Jesse Gaynor

DSC_0061Santa Monica based fitness trainer Jesse Gaynor is on a mission to create himself the perfect body.

The usual addiction to athletics isn’t what drove him to fitness but instead his fascination of the human body and the muscles movements behind it.

DSC_0035“I always just wondered what can my body do, how far can I take it, how much can I push it, how can I get the most amount of muscle and least amount of body fat? Funny enough, I was more interested in that than the actual sports themselves,” Gaynor said. “Although I enjoyed the sports, I really wanted to see as a sense of optimization how optimal could I make my genetics.”

Gaynor’s life’s pursuit to create the perfect body isn’t simply a physical one, but also an exploration into the perfect state of mind. A usual reaction to excitement is a spike in heart rate. Gaynor’s heart, however, slows down instead. In stress related instances, Gaynor goes into a relaxed state of mind and his heartbeat follows suit.

DSC_0051I just don’t hold on to stress and hold on to emotions as much,” Gaynor said. “I just let it pass through me because I’m not like all pent up, I’m not all high strung about it. I just relax.”

Gaynor gets that from a life spent all over California near the Pacific Ocean. He fits into the fitness lifestyle in beachside California starting from his time in Santa Barbara, but his fascination with it would’ve been well fostered anywhere.

It didn’t make me but living in Santa Barbara and then here in Southern California certainly added to the culture of being healthy and being in shape for sure,” Gaynor said. “I would’ve already done it. I would’ve lived in Alaska and probably would’ve super been into fitness and health. Just the fact that there is a culture around here that values it so much, it makes it easier to fit in as my tribe.”

DSC_0069Gaynor became a personal trainer immediately upon graduating high school at the young age of 18. He then got his degree in exercise science and psycology from the University of Southern California. Even at the young age of 26, he is now an expert in nutrition, exercise science and injury rehabilitation and prevention.

He knows going in that genetics will prevent him and pretty much anyone else from looking as great as some, but with the proper training and nutrition, Gaynor, at 5’10”, has been able to disprove debilitating myths like “white people can’t jump” by dunking a basketball.

It’d be a foolish lie to believe any of this started from anywhere but superficial narcissism. It would also be wrong and hypocritical to think any less of someone pursuing the optimal body and self with that origin. Gaynor’s pursuit for physical perfection has helped many people in Los Angeles willing to join him in the pursuit.DSC_0038


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This entry was posted on July 14, 2016 by in Fitness.
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